Successful entrepreneurs pour countless hours, passion, and unwavering dedication into their organization to build a lucrative business they can be proud of. But the time demands of the business often take precedence over personal finances and long-term wealth building plans.

At BlackBear Capital, we understand that your vision for your business and your ability to manage your personal and professional finances are intimately intertwined. We also understand that the characteristics that make you a successful business owner might not be the same skills needed to build an objective financial plan.

Our team works to align your personal and professional finances so they support the goals and dreams you have for your organization. From financing a start-up, to building an enterprise, and later on to succession planning, we will guide you to make the most of your money and your business at every stage. We focus on your finances, so you can focus on your goals.

For those nearing the end of their journey, a liquidity event can be the ultimate reward for an entrepreneur – a validation of the significant time, energy, and capital they have invested in their business, and the considerable personal and financial risk they have taken on in the process.

A sudden increase in wealth can also introduce a host of new challenges, a primary one being wealth management. A significant liquidity event often calls for a substantial reassessment of financial needs, goals, and strategies. Without experienced guidance on these issues, many entrepreneurs risk making costly and often irreparable mistakes. We can expertly guide an entrepreneur through the opportunities and challenges presented by a liquidity event.